The New-Age Businessman & Digital Marketer

Today we have with us, Mr Akshat Jain, a very successful Businessman and one of the best Digital Marketer of the year2025. He runs multiple businesses like XYZ Supermart chain, a very well known hardware brand Alkos, a well established Digital Marketing company having clients like BMW, Canon, Levi’s, Titan, etc.

He is a very observant type of person with an individualistic mindset and likes to pursue his goals without the need of any external connection. He explores his ideas through creating, troubleshooting, trial and error and first-hand experience. He is very creative and practical. He exactly knows what work to prioritize and make his way past the difficulties the easy way.

He started his journey in the year 2020 when everyone was stuck at their homes in lockdown due to COVID-19 Pandemic, he was learning new things and improving himself day by day. He started learning Digital Marketing and grabbed a good hand at it.

He is very optimistic and passionate about his work. He always comes up with unique solutions like a breeze. Although being an introvert, he has numerous clients working with him from all across the globe.

Apart from being a good businessman, he is also a fitness freak and takes cares of health and diet none other like a professional. He’s also looking to build a Supplement Brand in the near future. Indeed he is a type of person who doesn’t like to stop expanding his empire.

He loves to explore different parts of the world and have travelled all across the globe and also runs a very successful travel blog ABCTravels which drives over a Million of monthly organic traffic which is an achievement in itself.

He truly believes in saying, ” Everything happens for a reason” and also proved it right during the pandemic in the year 2020. When world economy was badly hit, he found his was and started making himself a better person who deserved success and now he stands here today, Our New-Age Businessman and Digital Marketer – Mr Akshat Jain.

This post was published as a part of Digital Deepak Internship Program.

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